Twenty Four!

Can I first please say that this summer is passing entirely too quickly! School starts up again in a few weeks, which is bittersweet. I like the leisure of summertime, but I also know that the quicker I start school the quicker I'll be finished! Here is a pic from our first golf lesson, which went pretty well. Unfortunately, Sean and I have been so busy that we haven't made it back to the range since then. We're working on that...

Yesterday was Sean's 24th birthday!! Sean asked for new speakers for his b-day (it comes with the job...literally), which he purchased before his b-day...so, to make up for my lack of physical gift I planned a little surprise party for him! Some good friends joined us for his celebration and he was so excited to have quality time with these people. I ordered a cake that looks like the Best Buy sign!

I'm really glad Sean was born. He's the most loving, respectful, kind, genuine, servant-hearted and honorable man I know! I am so thankful for all that Sean is to me...from is massive amount of semi-random knowledge to his love for all things manly to his tender heart. He's my God given protector, provider, and best friend.

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  1. Nicole, you look beautiful in every picture that you take! How do you do that??
    Fun idea for Sean's cake!