I love Sundays! They have always been one of my favorite days. We get to wake up, get our cups filled at church, then usually have time to get things done around the house and relax in the evening. Today is no exception to my great Sunday experiences. I went to church, deep cleaned our apartment (which needed it!), watched some HGtv, laid out at the pool, finished a book...and it's not event 5 o'clock yet!

Yesterday Sean and I had the pleasure of attending a wedding reception for our friend, Andy. He and his new wife, Lindsay, were both glowing and were surrounded by so many people who love them. The coolest thing they did (well, besides get married) was to have their friends make art to auction off at the reception. The money raised from the art auction is going into a 'giving fund' that they will use to bless thsose around them. They are off to Korea at the end of the month to teach English for year and will be missed by many here in Columbia! Here's a pic of the bride and groom:

Sean and I at the reception:

Tomorrow is my last day at work for the summer...PTL. I'm headed to Branson for a few days to hang with the fam and Sean will meet me on Thursday. Friday we're driving to Fayetteville for a campus visit at U of A then Saturday we're off to Colorado for a week! Sean and I are both very much looking forward to some time away together. That's all for now...more from Branson later!

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