Homemade Christmas gifts!

Well, I'm thoroughly disappointed in myself, as I managed to not take a single picture of my homemade Christmas gifts! Failure. Oh well...add it to the list. Instead, I will find other pictures of similar items to show you what I accomplished this year. I really enjoyed spending a little extra time (in order to save a little extra $$) and the extra bit of love that went into the gifts. The new sewing machine has more than paid for itself by this point. Here are some examples:
For my brother, I painted some drinking glasses that look like this:
For my mom and mother-in-law I made aprons. My mom's was the full version with polka dots and damask fabric. My MIL's was the half apron with red and black polka dots. I also made an oven mitt for mom and a UofA necklace for Sean's mom. (the necklaces are super cute and pretty easy...I used this tutorial) Here's what they looked like:I made my sister-in-law, Jessica, this pocket scarf. It's SO cute, and I really like how you can change the colors/fabric to look like a whole new scarf.
I made my sister one of these alphabet photography pictures. Hers says "laugh" and I found the pictures online. I did actually attempt to take the pictures myself, but it was much more difficult than I originally thought.

I did make some other things, too...a t-shirt for Sean (with a fun penguin picture on it), some baby onezies for a friend who just had a baby this week, some PJ pants for dad. I'll post some more pictures later.
My project this week: making a New Year's Eve dress. I'm pretty excited about it and will {hopefully} do a good enough job to actually wear it out. :)
I hope you all had a great Christmas! I very much enjoyed being home with my family for a week and was totally spoiled on Christmas. One of my favorite gifts was a super cute dress outfit from Banana...my mom has always picked great clothes for me! Today it's back to the normal schedule of work, though I still have three weeks off of school. I'm looking forward to cleaning/organizing our apartment over the coming weeks and to spending quality time with both Sean and a couple of books!

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