Meet the newest member of our family!

Fellow blog readers, I introduce you to our new precious puppy, Wyatt. He's an apricot poodle and is SOOO cuddly!
He's tiny and very well behaved, especially for an 8 week old puppy. Also, he doesn't shed, which is awesome!
It's already so fun to have him around. Someone else to hang with when Sean's at work in the evening, someone to laugh with/at, and someone to love! We look forward to many years ahead with Wyatt as a part of our family.

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  1. Love the name choice. He's pretty darn cute!

  2. what a cutie! sure hope you rescued him or got him from a reputable breeder. Hope he isnt from a pet shop- 99% of puppies from pet shops are from puppy mills http://www.humanesociety.org/issues/puppy_mills/

    Hoping to spread the word of rescue and responsible breeding!

  3. Chip - no worries. Wyatt isn't from a puppy mill. Thanks for helping to raise awareness, though!

  4. That is great- good for you!! Thanks for taking kindly to it :)