Turning a rental into a home: DIY headboard part 1

Here's our master bedroom before: blah, blah, blah. Tan carpet, tan walls, tan bedding.
Another view of the boringness.
I ran accross this shower curtain at Tuesday Morning and instantly knew I wanted to cover a headboard with it.
We purchased a sheet of insulation from Lowe's, which Sean cut to size.
Next, I used spray adhesive to stick a twin sized mattress pad to the headboard. The thicker padding you can purchase by the yard at a fabric store probably would have been better, but I was going for cheap and quick. Next, I poked a nail through the padding and foam board to denote where to place the buttons later for tufting.
After ironing it and cutting to size, we stapled the shower curtain fabric to the foam board.
Making your own buttons is seriously DA BOMB! I've never done it before and have no idea why! It's super easy and cost effective. Just follow the easy directions on the package.
These are the buttons we ended up with and I used for tufting. I had 8 buttons, so I spaced them out equally to have 2 rows of 4 buttons.
Using fishing line would have been the best for the tufting, but we didn't have any, so I just triple threaded my biggest needle. I threaded through a small button {which anchored my tufts}, pushed the needle through the foam, threaded the decorative button, then back through the foam to tie it off on the backside while Sean pushed the decorative button in.

  Stay tuned for the after pics...laundry is covering our bed right now, so I'll snap some photos later today hopefully. I'll also break down the costs of future projects!
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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I'm gathering up ideas to spice up my new apartment and will definitely be coming back to this one.

  2. Meghan -- it's really light so we were able to hang it with standard picture hangers -- hot glued to the back of the headboard. For those who make heavier headboard using plywood as a base, a french cleat is an easy way to hang it.

  3. I made this yesterday and it turned out great except for one thing. The staples kept pooping out of the foam. So I did a border of 2 layers of duct tape and then stapled the material to the foam board over the duct tape and it worked perfect. Also I hung it with velcro. Thanks for the inspiration.