My 24th birthday!

Friday was my 24th birthday! Sean made me my favorite breakfast, french toast {which he doesn't particularly like, so I don't make it often}.

I worked, went out to a birthday lunch with my co-workers at a restaurant called Mama Dean's Soul Food -- it was so yummy! Later, my parents came in for a little slice of American culture -- a TED NUGENT concert!
Fayetteville has an outdoor amphitheatre and boy were the crazies out for this concert! People watching is my favorite pass-time, so I loved it!
Mom and dad at the concert...reminiscing of their high school years.
Uncle Ted himself.
Saturday the four of us went shopping for patio furniture. I love what we got and can't wait to share pictures after it's all put together.
Sean ordered me a new iPhone4 for my b-day -- I'll be 'hip' and 'with it.' :)
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  1. Sounds like a celebration! Happy birthday, Nicole!

  2. Catching up on old posts, and I LOVE that your dad is wearing his Dad's Weekend polo! :) Mine still wears his all the time too.