Sean is a kid magnet

A couple of times a month we help out in the 4 year old room at our church. These kids are so precious and give Sean and I a lot of laughs. They seriously LOVE Sean -- sometimes parents will say "look...Sean is here today!" to convince their kiddos that they're brave enough to be without mom and dad for an hour.

Here's some picture evidence to support my claim: {the pics are blurry partially due to the iPhone and partially due to the fact that these kids never stop moving}

Four years old is such a sweet age. I feel like the seeds of the gospel are being cultivated as their little hearts and minds begin to grasp what Jesus is all about. They ask good questions, have a silly sense of humor and are eager to learn!


  1. Aww, so cute! He's gonna be a good daddy someday!!

  2. Yall are the best! We love that you all are in that class with them! Thanks for all you do! We missed you last night!