Wyatt update

Wyatt is hilarious. And really cute. He's just over 5 pounds, energetic but also snuggly and is really smart.

He has a knack for being exactly where I need to be: see below for proof. He wants to be on top of the laundry pile while I fold clothes, on my pillow just before bed, on top of the comfortor when I'm trying to make the bed, etc.

His favorite toy is this Kong. The dog loves him some fetch. He's really good about bringing his toys back to you...too good, in fact.

He's also really excited about Milk Bone's new addition: mini milk bones. They are just his size! Previously we were getting the small ones and breaking them in half. Mini stuff is just cute.

One of his new tricks is catching a toy off a bounce. He's getting pretty good at it!

He brings us lots of joy and laughter! So glad he's around. :)

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