Home again

I'm back from Haiti and I have mixed emotions. Its hard to understand why the people of Haiti live the way they do and here I am back in America getting a pedicure.

Immediately upon my return I felt like my joy was being stolen through cancelled flights, exhaustion and the news that Seans grandfather passed while I was in Haiti.

I still need time to process my thoughts before I offer them up. Today I feel angry and annoyed. Hearing people complain about a flight delay, the price of gas and how hungry they are is really frustrating when contrasted with the life most Haitians are living. I'm praying through this and hope God shows me the right balance of conviction of stewardship of the gifts he has given me and living outside of my comfort zone with a changed world view.

The trip was overall really awesome. We saw over 800 people in clinic and performed over 90 eye surgeries. Praise God that those surgeons are faithful and give of their time and skill to people in great need. Our group stayed generally healthy with the exception of a bit of dehydration. I saw a lot of devastation and terrible conditions, but also saw the beauty of hospitality and humility of the Haitian people.

I will share pictures and stories soon.

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