For most of my life I wasn't very talented. I have two left feet, a black thumb and couldn't carry a tune with a bucket. My sister was always way more athletic than I was, so when my parents would brag on us as kids it was usually about some record Kristel set and that I was "doing well in school." It's true that God blessed me with academic talent, but I hardly considered that a real talent {although it did help pay for my college education}.

I'm not sure what led me to buy a sewing machine, but I'm so glad I did. Now, I have a talent. A real, live talent! I can create. It's not really anything special or unique and it's certainly not perfect, but I can take a pile of fabric and turn it into a dress that brings team spirit, a curtain that helps make a house a home or a set of bedding for a sweet little baby to snuggle with.

God gives all of us different gifts and talents - that's the beauty of the body of Christ! We are all used by Him in different ways, both big and small, and the body doesn't function well if any one piece of the body is missing. Think about how cool that is! Whether you're a stay at home mom, a teacher, or a corporate executive God created you just for that role.

Do you know what your talents are? Are you allowing God to use those talents for His glory? I know that I certainly fall short of this far too often than I would like. It's easy to think things are our own, whether that be possessions, time, people, talents. Nothing I have is mine - oh, how I need to be reminded on that often!

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  1. Love this post! It's so true that we take our gifts for granted too often...