Pattern Review - The Beach/Bath Robe

Last night I wrapped up this precious little bath robe for my co-workers daughter, Zoey. I used this pattern that Dana from MADE put together.
The pattern was very easy to follow and the project came together quickly. I have two suggestions - the first is to heed her recommendation of using a very thin towel. I used a regular bath towel and it worked ok on my machine, but there were times it was difficult to maneuver the bulky fabric through the serger. The other recommendation is to use a large beach towel. If you use bath towels, you will need two of them. Buying an inexpensive beach towel would have saved on total cost and time.

I made a novice sewing mistake in this project. I didn't have bias tape on hand, so I thought I could substitute with ribbon. It doesn't work. Lesson learned. It's easy to think that bias tapes are just strips of fabric, but their quality of being cut on the bias makes them significantly more flexible and easy to use on curves.

Overall it turned out pretty darn cute and would be great for after bath time or when heading to the pool next summer!

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  1. Super cute!!! By the way, I feel so blessed and honored that you used your gifts/abilities to make gifts for me/Graham. Thank you so much, friend.