Pattern Review - Flower Girls Dress

Yesterday I finished sewing a flower girl's dress for a friend who is getting married this fall. It wasn't an easy project, but it was definitely fun to try something different.
Butterick B5458
 I made dress A (tea length) in a size 3T. I used an ivory taffeta for the main fabric and a synthetic silk for the lining. Both are pretty fabrics, but since the taffeta is a pretty stiff fabric, the gathering sections at the top of the skirt got pretty thick, making it very difficult to maneauver through my sewing machine. I got it done, but it took an extra dose of patience and a very slow stitch speed. Making this dress with any type of cotton or seersucker would go alot faster.
 I did add a couple of additional tulle layers to the outside of the dress to make it a little 'poofier.' The dress has a petticoat sewn to the lining that helps it keep it's shape. The bride sent me some extra fabric that her bridesmaids dresses are made out of and that's what I used for the sash.
 The pattern calls for a zipper in the back. I thought that would take away some of the cuteness, so I opted for buttons instead. I waited to do the buttonholes until the dress was together, which wasn't a good idea due to the bulk of the attached skirt. For others interested in adding buttonholes, I would do so after the bodice is together, before you attach the bodice to the gathered skirt.

The pattern is easy to follow and there aren't a ton of pieces to cut. I would rate the level of sewing at a medium and time at approximately 5-6 hours total (shorter if you use fabrics that more easily gather). I would for sure sew another flower girls dress for sentimental purposes, but the reality is that sewing one yourself doesn't save a ton of money (if any) because there are so many websites out there offering inexpensive flower girl dresses. For example, this one.  It's fun to have a custom made dress, though, and lots of love went into this one!

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  1. So I realize you made this a hundred years ago... However, I am still relatively new to sewing and have a question about this pattern. After I under stitch the bodice the instructions say to "pin bodice front to bodice back. Pin bodice front lining to bodice back lining at sides, opening lower edges of lining. Stitch in one continuous seam." I don't really understand what that means. Can you explain it to me? Thanks!