moss monogram door decoration

 Now that my Christmas wreath is down, I needed something new for our front door. I searched a bit on Pinterest and saw something like this so I went for it -- it was really easy! The project from start to finish was probably about 15 minutes and total cost was $12.

Supplies Needed:
  • Cardboard or wooden letter (I got mine at JoAnns, but those gold 14" letters they always have at Hobby Lobby would also work great)
  • Sheet of moss - 1 package was enough for me, but if you have a larger letter I would grab two.
  • Hot glue gun
  • Burlap or other coordinating ribbon

The moss comes on a sheet. You could purchase regular moss if you want and glue it around, but that seemed too messy for me.
I traced around the front of my letter and hot glued that first, then cut strips of the moss to glue around the edge.
I liked the different textures with the burlap, so I cut a strip about 3" x 20" and hot glued the ends to either side of my H. If you have a curvy letter, you might try to tie a knot with the burlap at the top to hang over the wreath hook.  I topped it off with a burlap bow and it was good to go!
These would make a great wedding gift idea, decorations for a wedding or even to just have on a shelf in your home. I have heard that the moss will lighten over time in the sun. I change my door decs for the seasons/holidays so hopefully that won't happen too much, but if it does, there's nothing a little spray paint can't fix. :)


  1. This is so great....and way simpler than it looks. This is one I might actually try! I'm going fabric shopping tomorrow and trying my first sewing project with a friend on Sunday. Keep your fingers crossed.

  2. This came out great! Love all your crafty ideas;) I'd love for you to link this up to my Feature Friday link party;)


  3. WHAT!? That Betty Crocker info is shocking! Now I'm even more mad at "her" ;-) How did you find that out?