The other day I had something odd happen to me. Someone called me 'nice.'

I get called lots of things, some of which should be left unmentioned. Organized. Responsible. Bright. Strong-willed. Stubborn. Compassionate.

Nice is not usually a word someone uses to describe me.

I have a couple of theories as to why this is. One, I'm literally married to the nicest man in the world. He gets enough nice comments for the both of us. {He was voted 'Sweetest Senior' in high school} Two, I'm very straight forward and to-the-point. Maybe some think of this as a more aggressive trait. Three, I don't do enough nice things for others. {note: I just typed "I don't do enough nice things for me" first. Freudian slip?}

It's probably a mix between the three.

I write this to document the rarity, but also as a personal challenge for myself to allow God to continually help with my character development. The process of sanctification is a slow one for me. Two steps forward. One step back. The important thing is that I continue forward, I guess -- not the pace at which it is done. My aforementioned strong-willed nature is sometimes a hindrance to this whole process...I think I can do it on my own far too often.

I'm going to do more nice things for others -- babysit their kids, pay for lunch, let someone in front of me in traffic. Not so others will call me nice, but because that's WWJD. Old school, right?

Can you think of something nice someone else did for you that really stuck? If so, please share!

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  1. 1. You are nice. And all of those other things too.

    2. Holly held on to a hot tea for me at the spa for over an hour. I flippantly said, "Holly, will you hold this for me". Then I ran off to some treatment. When I got back she had put it in her locker for safe keeping. I probably would've just thrown it out. That was nice! :)