Celebrating Our Anniversary

We had a really great weekend celebrating our 4th anniversary! I took off work on Friday, we got massages in the morning then headed to Branson for the weekend. On Friday we stayed at the Chateau on the Lake, where we stayed on our wedding night and enjoyed a nice dinner at the hotel. Then Saturday we spent time with family at a wedding.
This is what Sean gave me for our anniversary -- such a thoughtful gift and totally unexpected. I can't wait to learn more about it and to be able to capture memories for our family! I gave him some cool new Converse shoes and a knife sharpener. He wins this year.
Before dinner at The Chateau.
Putting out the vibe.
My friend Heather let me borrow this dress -- isn't it cute?
At Holly's wedding on Saturday.
My parents bought a four wheeler this weekend, so Sean was super excited to test it out. I'm too scared to go crazy on it, but all of the trails by their house are fun.

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