Personalized Glassware

Personalized pitchers/casserole dishes have become one of my favorite gifts to give! The projects come together so quickly, especially with my Silhouette Machine. My friend Morgan gave me one as a Bridesmaid gift from Pottery Barn (which I love) and that's where I got the idea. Other variations could be: personalized drinking glasses or cake plates. It would be cute to finish them off with appropriate accessories, like a fun  recipe with some of the ingredients to make a complete gift.

Supplies needed:
  • Glass pitcher/bowl/dish
  • Armour Etch cream (I found mine at Hobby Lobby)
  • Vinyl Stencil (You can buy rolls of vinyl online or at HL)
  • Craft cutting machine or exacto knife
  • Sponge brush for cream application
I found this pitcher on sale at Ross for $4 and used my Silhouette to cut an initial approx 3.5" in height.

The application of the stencil is the most tedious part. You want to be very careful that there are no bubbles or tears near the edge of the letters. If there are, the etching cream will bleed there and make your final product a little messy.

Spread a generous amount of the etching cream on to the stencil. Be careful -- anywhere the cream touches it will etch, so make sure your stencil has enough room around the edges. Wait 5-10 minutes, then wash off the cream. You can actually reuse the cream, so if there are any big globs, just put them back into the jar.
Remove the stencil and viola!

One of my favorite parts of this process is that I have the negative of the stencil left over to personalize the wrapping, too! 


  1. I just made an etched casserole dish earlier this month! Love it. Good tip about reusing the etching cream. And Ross is the best--that pitcher was a great price. It turned out so well!

  2. this is adorable!! one day i'll brave the glass etching aisle =)

  3. Is it okay to use other brands of etching stencils with MS glasses etching cream or vice versa? I've never done etching before and want to stencil my flutes for my wedding. Because of the shape of them, I can not have them engraved so I decided to try etching - I'll practice first of course. One brand has the date stencils and the other has the type of lettering stencils that I like.

    1. Yes - I don't think it matters what brand of stencil you use, homemade or otherwise. The etching cream isn't strong enough to go through the stencil...just be sure you have a good deal around the letters/numbers so it doesn't bleed.

  4. This is really beautiful! Maybe I can also make Personalized Glassware for my mom. She loves personalized things especially DIY projects.