Four Years Together

Last year, on our third wedding anniversary, I posted this blog post about the history of our relationship. It includes our first picture together in 8th grade, our patient courtship through high school and college, our wedding, honeymoon and subsequent few years together as husband and wife. I do think it's really special that Sean and I have been together for so long (compared to most people our age), but what I think is even more special is what happens as we grow older together. 
 I have certainly loved Sean for a long time, but the depth of that love has increased so much since our wedding four years ago. God is molding and shaping our hearts in this process of sanctification, and He uses our marriage as a sharpening tool. In this world, Sean and I are constantly battling with our own sin and struggles and I am incredibly thankful to have such a patient and wise husband who genuinely wants for both of us to serve God, each other and those around us better.

Not sure who said this first, but marriage is not  50/50 thing. It's a 100/100 thing. Couples who try and keep score and fight for everything to be equal will only continue to be disappointed. Marriage forces us to put our needs second, to try and put the needs of our spouse before our own. We don't always do this well (usually because I start to slip into the 'fair' argument or feeling like I'm getting cheated somehow), but we really do put forth a lot of effort to serve the other person, mostly through Sean's example.
 Have you ever thought about the fact that whatever stage of life you're in, you kind of feel like you know it all? Maybe that's just me..... When I was in high school I for sure thought I knew what was best for me, and some of those decisions led to broken hearts and struggles with self esteem. If there's one thing that I have learned in my marriage it is that I don't know it all -- I crave more and more information, ideas and examples of how I can be a better wife. There are so many days that I fail to love Sean the best I could, that I fall short. We are SO blessed to have friends who have been married longer than us that show us through action what a Godly marriage looks like.

So...here's to our fourth year, hubs. May we continue to serve one another, love honestly and grow closer. I'm blessed by you and look forward to all that the next year will entail!

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