We live in a broken world

 Today has had a rough start, one that reminds me of the fact that our world is broken and that we should long for eternity with our Lord. The message of the sermon at church on Sunday was that we should be praying specifically - not just vaguely, but really be intentional about asking God to respond in a very specific manner.

A tornado hit Branson last night. Thankfully, family and friends are all fine and reports of injuries seem to be minor. That said, there are a lot of families who have lost businesses and have severe damage to their homes. Pray that those affected would be gain speedy answers to their questions, that power would be restored soon and that the Branson community would rally together for the cleanup process. 
These are the condos that my parents moved out of a couple of months ago.
This is the shopping center that my husband's family owns.
 I also want to ask you to pray specifically for the Hill family as their precious 14 month old boy Tucker passed away in his sleep last night. I used to work with this little guy's aunt at Kanakuk, Sean roomed with Tucker's uncle in Columbia and they now all live in Fayetteville. Their family is incredible and they are clinging to Jesus during this unimaginable tragedy. Please pray for comfort, that they would feel God's loving arms very near, and that their community of family friends would be equipped to share in their grief and help the Hills where needed.


  1. Praying for all of it, Nicole. Keep us posted.

  2. so sorry to hear all of this, Nicole.... you're right.. this world is broken :-(

  3. Nicole, I was thinking about you yesterday morning when I saw on the news Branson was hit with a tornado. Can't believe the destruction. So thankful to hear everyone is safe. Will be praying as the rebuilding process begins.

  4. Nicole - I thought of you immediately when I heard that Branson was hit. So happy to hear that your family is well and safe! I will pray for the rebuilding and for sweet Tucker's family.