My heart needs old friends

We really do like Fayetteville and the friends we are making here, but there's something so great about being with old friends sometimes. No explaining, just knowing and laughing. We just 'get' each other have a good time. Sean and I made a last minute trip to Kansas City to visit with our friends Kaitlyn and Brandon. We mostly just hung out, but did venture out to a Mizzou bar for the big MU vs. kU basketball game, which was so much fun.
I really like this man. Like really, really.

It was fun to be surrounded by black and gold again!
After Mizzou won -- we were all smiles!
Totally unrelated to this post, but I'm thinking about cutting my hair like this. Thoughts, comments, concerns or observations? My high school science teacher used to always say that phrase and it has stuck with me.


  1. That's a good hair cut!

    I miss my college friends, too. I am in Columbia still, but no one else is. It feels strange to be the one still here, I'll tell you that.

    Also, I haven't clicked through from Reader to see your new blog design and its fantastic!

  2. Go Tigers!!!!! What a game, huh?!!! And I like the new hair too.