In love with you

Happy Valentines Day! I prefer the cutesie side of Valentines to the whole fancy dinner thing, so I made Sean a few Valentines this weekend and made pink pancakes this morning. 

Our wedding anniversary is coming up, so I'll save most of my lovie-dovie talk for then, but on this Valentines Day I do want to document the fact that I'm more in love with Sean now than I ever have been. When we were younger, I used to think I couldn't love him more, but oh how I was wrong.

Sean loves me so well and is fluent in my love languages. He serves sacrificially and cares so deeply about meeting my needs. The Lord certainly made us for one another and I'm so thankful he has been mine for so long. 
This picture is from Valentines Day 2005, our first year at Mizzou. One of Mizzou's many traditions is the bridge at Peace Park. If you walk across it with your significant other, you are destined to marry. Guess we are an example of success!
We have been together for close to 10 years and made it through high school, college and grad school by each others' side. We are never promised tomorrow, so it is my prayer that God would continue to refine me as Sean's helpmate and that I would be open to that change in order to strengthen our love and marriage continually.

We say 'I love you' frequently and sometimes it's out of habit. Every now and then we throw in a 'I'm so in love with you' to remind each other how we really feel. 


  1. Very sweet post! It's so cute how college-looking you both look in the first picture (of course!) and how darling and mature you both look in the second picture. :)

  2. Love the old school pic of you love birds!