DIY Reversible Superhero Cape

Our friends, Ryan and Sarah, have a little boy, Payne, who is two. His birthday party was yesterday and keeping in tradition I tried to think of a gift I could make for him. He's just now entering into superhero fascinations, so I thought a personalized superhero cape would be fun! 

Items needed:
1. 3/4 yd solid fabric. I went with broadcloth because it comes in a lot of colors and is inexpensive. I have seen some made of a shiny fabric that looked cool, but those are generally more difficult to work with. 
2. Felt colors to coordinate with superhero emblems (red and yellow for superman, yellow and black for batman)
3. Coordinating thread
4. Velcro 

There are a few tutorials out there (just google it), but this is really pretty basic. With the fabric folded, I cut a tapered triangle, rounded at the top. Think like a bib pattern, but much longer. This is for a two year old, so it's only about 24" long and 22" wide. I traced 1/2 of a CD on the fold for the neck. 

After I cut out each side, I sewed on the superhero emblems. I made these with felt and used fusible interfacing to hold the layers together before attaching it to the cape itself. I chose to satin stitch to the cape to make it a little more sturdy. 

Then, put the two cape pieces right side together and stitch most of the way around. Before turning right sight out, clip the collar so it will lay flat. Turn right side out and push collar pieces out with pen. Finally, attach velcro pieces -- one on each side of the cape. 

I had some left over felt, so I made a little batman mask, too. I just stitched two layers of felt together and added elastic. 

I hope Super Payne's little imagination gets to work when he throws on this cape! 

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  1. Aww, how neat!!! I hope we can get Graham one when he's old enough.