Phi Mu at Arkansas

When I was in college at Mizzou, Phi Mu was a huge part of my life. I served in multiple leadership roles, including chapter president, and lived and breathed sorority life. Looking back on my collegiate experience in a sorority, I can see with a greater degree of clarity that, yes, it does have some silly aspects and that I probably worried or got worked up about things that didn't really matter --- but ultimately I can also see that the opportunities I was given as a sorority woman helped to shape me into the person I am today. I am more outgoing, a better communicator and and have eye for detail -- all skills honed at Phi Mu.

After I graduated, I needed some time away from Greek Life. Now four, almost five years later, I am excited to be involved once again with Phi Mu, this time as the chapter advisor for our recolonized chapter at the University of Arkansas.
Pretty letters our chapter consultants painted!

My prayer as I enter this role is that I will love on these college women well. That ultimately my position as advisor would honor God and that I can positively impact the lives of Phi Mu girls. College is such an impressionable time and can be full of anxiety, insecurities and challenges; I want them to know that their Phi Mu sisters can help encourage and spur one another on to bigger and better things. 

Phi Mu has committed three full time chapter consultants to live here in Fayetteville full time, likely for the first entire year, which is a huge blessing. These girls are awesome and will take care of most of the details and organizing of this new chapter.

For those of you familiar with sorority life -- Arkansas has huge chapters. Chapter total here is right around 300 and their quota for formal recruitment has been in the 150ish range, which is CRAZY! They only had 8 sororities here, for approx 1300 new women going through formal recruitment each year. The greek organizations already here at Arkansas have been so welcoming to Phi Mu as we work to recolonize our Alpha Beta chapter and I'm looking forward to this new adventure!

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