Living Room Re-Do

The HOA where my parents live had a big sale of furniture out of a model home in the neighborhood. My mom scored us a couple of great deals, which spurred a living room redesign for us! Sean and I have pretty much decided we will be in this town home for another year. We had been putting off redesign thinking a move was coming up, but we're in the clear!

Here's sort of what the living room was like before. I made those drapes a couple of years ago and people --- you were nice about them, but let's be honest. They're not that cute. 
This big window/door lets in a lot of light, but doesn't go anywhere. It's a sliding glass door with railing immediately on the other side....weird, I know.

This couch and matching chair had been passed around my family for 16 years. It really was comfortable, but it has now has a nice new home with a young family!
And here's what $300 got us, including the new couch! I purchased the orange fabric and JoAnn and the green chevron at a local interior fabric store in Fayetteville. The blue drapes are from Target and I sewed in the big chevron panel to lengthen them. I already had two of the down pillows to recover, so I only had to buy one. I sewed the pillow covers using this tutorial for the invisible zipper. Really easy to do and looks  professional!
Here are the fabrics I chose. I was going for something a little more modern, but still comfy and welcoming.
Not the best pic, but I keep forgetting to upload the better one from my nice camera.

This is much more like my preferred style. There are a few other changes I would like to make in this room, some easier {re: cheaper} than others. I need to repaint some of the frames/knick-knacks around the room to match the new color scheme. I did replace the knobs on the side tables with cute green ones from Hobby Lobby. That slipper chair is cute, but not very comfy. I would love to replace it with a linen arm chair with nail head trim. Craigslist fairy -- this is where you come in! :)

Overall we are both happy with the results without spending a lot of cash. Next up: master bedroom. For the past 4.5 years our bed has been on the floor! Embarrassing, I know! We finally got a bed frame and I'm trying to talk Sean into building a headboard with/for me.


  1. What a great change! We went from a 70s floral couch to a hand-me-down brown microfiber and are now redoing our living room. love it!

  2. Talk about a steal (or several!)! Looks good!