House Tour

A couple of weeks ago we moved into another rental house. Our previous house was great for us, but only had two bedroom and had tons of stairs, so a one-story house was on the list before baby arrives. The new house has been really good so far because it's very close to Sean's work. He drives back forth a lot between the school, clinic and home so the move is saving him about an hour a day of driving! 

Rental homes are kind of tough -- you want to make it your own, but not invest too much because it doesn't belong to you. Sean did do some work on the front end to this house to fix things that were glaring to me (ie: removed wallpaper in a bathroom, changed the kitchen faucet). If we owned the house we would do more work, but we don't, so we won't. :) 

Here's a picture tour of the new place - Wyatt is in almost every picture b/c he follows me around. :) 

New-to-us sectional couch.
I really like the new rug -- It's from TJ Maxx

I sewed some new pillow covers for the sectional.
Dining area -- I also sewed the valence in this room.

From the living room looking towards the bedrooms.

Guest bathroom.
Canvases for the bathroom. :)

Guest bedroom.

Looking into our bedroom. It's pretty big, so we moved our other couch into here.
Sean built me this headboard and I love it! I'll do a blog post on that soon.
Another view of the master.
Master bathroom.

Master closet. Having some extra space helps keep me motivated to stay organized!

Deck and a big backyard for Wyatt.
Not pictured: bedroom that will be the nursery (it's currently empty) and the 4th bedroom that is our craft room/office. It's quite full and not organized yet. 


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