A girlfriend of mine posted something similar on her blog, so I'm copying her idea. :) 

I'm loving: animal crackers (16 of them are only 120 calories), baby kicks, Sean's helpfulness around the house recently, elastic waist pants.

I'm recommending: This video -- Pep Talk from a Kid President, he's so cute!

I'm reading: too many e-mails, not enough books. Sean did buy me Every Good Endeavor by Tim Keller for Christmas and I want to dig into it. It's about connecting your career to God's plan for your life.

I'm watching: The Bachelor, the same short maternity workout on YouTube over and over (any recommendations out there for maternity workouts you enjoyed?)

I'm cooking: not a whole lot. Tonight, though, I'm making pasta with my co-workers delicious vodka sauce -- maybe she will guest post her recipe soon. :)

I'm pondering: Whether to re-cover an older glider/rocker or buy a new one. Real deep around my mind today, people.

I'm planning: A Valentine crafting party with some girlfriends -- we will make homemade cards and decorate cupcakes. I'm really looking forward to it!

I'm dreaming: about holding a sweet little baby girl in just a few months. It hardly seems possible and I most often feel ill-equipped to become a mother, but I know God will give me the grace I need in the moment.

I'm excited: To start on her nursery soon. I've got some good ideas, I think. Just need to get the motivation to execute them...

I'm hoping: The daycare option we really like works out. It's at a church just down the street from my house, but it's only from 8:30-2:30 (changing my current work schedule) and follows the school calendar, so we will need a sitter/nanny during the summer and long breaks.

I'm procrastinating: About having a maternity leave discussion with my boss. I don't even know where to begin or what I will want after Carson makes her arrival.

I'm struggling: With discipline, personally. My schedule has been a little crazy for the past couple of months with work, moving, being a chapter advisor to the college girls (Phi Mu), etc. and I haven't been great about prioritizing my time.


  1. You'll be a great mother! You also really have a gift for using your creativity and passion for creating to bless those around you.

  2. My pregnant friends have recommended the bar method pregnancy dvd and a tracy anderson pregnancy dvd for workouts. Clearly I haven't reviewed them personally, but have heard great reviews!