But Why??

A recent conversation I had with a friend is the inspiration of this post. He is not a Christian and knows that I am -- which sparked the whole convo to begin with. He threw lots of good questions my way, some easier to answer than others. For example...Do you think it makes God happy when unbelievers do good things? Well, sure! He created and loves you more than you can ever know and is surely happy when his creation obeys. A difficult one he asked, and that most humans on earth have asked at some point, is Why does God allow bad things to happen??

This past week has exposed some disappointments, failures and unfair happenings. Our mentors don't live up to the standards we think they should, people die, we don't get the response to our prayers that we wanted and our world is full of sin, war, and famine. Is our God really in control of all these awful things? By God's grace I happen to be on a chapter in a book that addresses this current topic when I was having an especially difficult day last week. (He knows my every need!)

We are all going to have to come to terms with the fact that there are things we are never going to understand about God. He's more powerful, knowledgeable, and influential than we will ever be able to comprehend. Though we strive to know God's will for our lives, the reality is that His plan does not always coincide with our own. His will does not always proceed in a straight line (to many of our perils) from point A to point B. He sometimes leaves us wondering how this event fits into the big scheme of building His kingdom.

God is in complete control of every situation -- even the ones we don't understand. He uses things like death, disappointment and other tragedies to steer His all-knowing course for humanity. Sometimes God will use these events for our good and His glory. If you're skeptical of this idea, go back to what you know about God. We know his character is good and dependable. We know that we need Him for purpose in our life. We know that he desires for us to prosper and grow in faith.

I've been so thankful for my sweet husband this week. More and more I see why God chose him for me and me for him. His strengths are my weaknesses and my strengths are his weaknesses. As I struggled with the difficult situations put before us and kept asking 'why,' my husband led by example to teach me that no matter how many details I try to put together in a situation, I won't always get an answer. Over analyzing the situation does good for no one...including myself. We will choose to lift our concerns to our Lord and remember that His character is dependable.

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