It's finally that time again...college football! I had a rare treat of enjoying a MU football game with Sean yesterday. Since he has worked with sports medicine beginning freshman year, he is almost always working at the games or traveling with the team. It was fun to get all mizzou'd out together and watch the game with friends! Mizzou looked pretty good, too! We (and by we I mean the football team) beat Illinois 37-9 and our new quarterback, Blaine Gabbert, was confident and cool for most of the game. I will also say that my Mizzou dress was a hit and that I made my own MU flower for my hair (it's pretty hard to see in this pic).

Sean has to spend most of this week in STL for work, so I think I'm going to go with him tonight and tomorrow since I don't have class due to Labor Day. p.s. What is labor day?? I'll Google it when I finish this post.

School is going well so far...just looking forward more and more to graduation with every day that passes. Sean has finished the first part of his application for graduate school at U of A. After he gets accepted to the graduate school in general he will submit his department-specific application to the athletic training office. We visited Fayetteville and really liked it -- we're now praying that we would be led in the direction that God would have us to be. I'm going to wake up my sleepy husband with warm cinnamon rolls now. :)
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