Recessionista Fashonista

I. love. to. shop. Seriously...I love it. Shopping can turn a sad day into a happy one. To throw in a little irony, though, I'm super cheap. There are very few things in this world I want to pay full price for. So when I shop I'm usually on a mission to find the cutest, least inexpensive thing in the store. Yesterday, my friends, was a successful day in my shopping world. I managed to purchase two dresses, three tops, and a pair of pants for....$35! Yes, just thirty-five dollars! I was beaming as we walked out of the store. Is that weird?
Shopping isn't Sean's favorite thing because it usually consists of me picking up a cute top, acknowledging it's a cute top, looking at the price, then putting it back. It probably does get annoying after a while.
As a related side note, have you seen the commercial for Chase credit cards where the husband is trying to convince the wife to take a vacation with their reward points, but they can't go because the wife already used all the point to purchase an expensive dress?? How inconsiderate! I feel bad for the husband in that situation because his wife doesn't know how to make responsible money choices. They're probably headed into foreclosure, too.
I'm also on the lookout for an inexpensive newer-ish sewing machine...keeping my eye on Craigslist.
Sean and I are doing great...school is off and running and Sean's work is going well. We are loving the beautiful fall weather and value the time we have together at this super fun stage of marriage. We're off for a walk/run now...

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  1. where was this magical sale? I don't think I've ever found that much for that little!