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As graduation draws nearer with each passing day, so does the pressure increase for finding employment. I really am trying to be patient and confident in the knowledge of God's ultimate plan -- but sometimes my own desires take over. It would be great to have a job lined up so we can plan where to live, I can be preparing for that new role, etc. The economy, however, just isn't cooperating. Sometimes I need need encouragement for perseverance and this website was just the ticket tonight.

The Dewey Color Career Counselor -- you basically just pick which colors you like in order and it gives occupational compatibilities. My top two categories: Planner (administrator is listed as the first suggestion) and Persuader (positions of leadership suggested).

Try it yourself by clicking here.

I do have some sewing projects and promise to post them soon. We had snow all day today, so I couldn't get outside to model my new creations.

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