75% cooked

I have this strange tendency to put everything into a percentage scale that easily converts. I think it stems from my strong desire to perform highly in school and paying such close attention to grades. Here are a couple of examples:
  • If I have run .85 of a mile, that converts to a "B" which would not be happy with, so it's motivation to continue running. 
  • My baby is currently 3/4, or 75%, cooked. I'd like her to at least be in the 90% range before she enters this world. There's even the possibility for bonus points here, friends.

How far along: 30 weeks, 10 to go
Size of baby: Approx 15.7 inches and 3 pounds
Gender: A girl! Carson Ruby Huddleston
Maternity clothes: Mostly maternity pants or tights. I can switch between non-maternity tops sometimes.
Weight gain: 11.5 pounds
Movement: She has an interesting sleep/wake cycle. She is still most active in the afternoon and the other day was moving so much it made me nauseous. I think it's neat to feel what I think is either her head or rump from the outside of my belly.
Sleep: Still going pretty well. I added an additional pillow to the mix, so now I have one at my head, one under my belly and one behind my back. This helps keep me from rolling flat on my back to sleep.
Symptoms: Still just general tiredness. I do notice my ankles swell by the end of the night, especially if I've had salty foods during the day.
Best moment this week: Sean put together her crib and I think it's really fun to walk past her room and imagine her being here soon. It's kind of surreal to us still at this point!

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