Carson via iPhone

I take a lot of pics of Carson -- I feel like she's always looking or doing something cute that I want to document (which is funny bc she pretty much just sleeps and eats right now). Here are some of my faves: 
first bath - apprehensive (still is, honestly)
Pretty eyes
Her lips are my favorite!
Not very flattering of me, but does capture Wyatt's desire to be close to Carson and I. He usually sits on the ottoman while I feed Carson in her nursery.
Just chillin with dad. She really is wide eyed in between eating and sleeping.
Summer babe. Pun intended.
Visited dad at work -- all of the ladies loved the visit.
Went to get her for a middle of the night feeding and she managed to turn 90 degrees in her crib, even while swaddled. Impressive.
Sweet profile.

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