Baby legs

I think these baby legs/crawler covers are the cutest things ever! Especially when their little chubby legs peek out at the top! :)
{click on pics for their sources}
They are surprisingly easy to make and make fun baby shower or birthday gifts for little ones! Since I still have a couple of pregnant friends to give gifts to, I wanted to make an attempt at sewing some. I used the tutorial found {here}.

The only supplies you need are:
1. A pair of knee-high socks (I found 3prs/$5 at Wal Mart)
2. Scissors
3. Sewing machine/serger

You basically just make a straight cut at the ankle to form the long part of the leg warmer. From the straight part of the foot of the sock you make a cuff then sew the three layers together. The tutorial linked to above has pics.
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  1. these are just too cute. darn, my son is five....i doubt can make some for him....lol

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  2. hi, My name is Ara and loved your blog.... sorry but my english dont is very good.. =D

    nice weekend


  3. I love baby legs!! And I especially love how easy there are to make!! I left you an award on my blog!