My tips for refashions

Thanks for the many sweet and kind comments you have left recently! Words of affirmation is definitely a love language of mine, so it's very encouraging to hear your positive feedback.

Here are some tips and tricks for sewing/creating a refashion -

1. Visit Goodwill/garage sales/thrift stores frequently. You would be surprised how often their inventory turns over.

2. Look for larger items -- they give you more fabric to cut up and work with. Also, there tends to be more sales on bigger items {buy an XXL skirt, for example, then sew it down to size. You the extra fabric for another project, like a headband or belt}

3. Check out other websites for inspiration. I personally like ModCloth.com. This might give you an idea for a shape of dress/skirt/whatev to make or color combinations you fancy right now.

4. I don't use patterns b/c I don't like working with that tissue paper. Instead, just take a few minutes before you cut to think about the garment you're making. Sort of deconstruct it in your head. What shapes make up the bodice? Is the skirt in panels or one piece? Sometimes sketching it out on a piece of paper can help visualize it.

5. My last tip is to try not to go too fast. I'm pretty impatient {real designers would probably scoff at my poor technique}, but I find that if I try to rush things I usually mess up {PTL for my seam ripper.} You should feel comfortable putting down a project for a day or two to give your mind rest.
I've got a great refashion to share with you later today -- I just need to take the
'after' pics.


  1. Hi Nicole i'm your newest follower, and i love your blog! I gave you a trendy blog award over at my blog! Thanks for being such wonderful inspiration to me!!
    XOXO- Ana

  2. these are some great tips. i've never used a pattern before and pretty much eyeball every item i make. new follower here!