Our interview with Vox Magazine

Sean and I were approached a few weeks ago about being interviewed with a Columbia magazine, Vox, for their upcoming sex and religion issue. Someone I knew in college is an editor there and thought and us when developing their article on abstinence. I'll be honest that we were both pretty hesitant at first -- did we really want to talk about our intimacy in such a public way?
After a little thinking and praying we decided to go for it. We are proud of the fact that we waited until marriage to have sex and were willing to share that with others. I think the article captured our thoughts accurately and was a great experience for us as a couple. Maybe someone will read it and gain an understanding or appreciation for abstinence they didn't have before.
To read the article online, {click here}. It's also in Vox Magazine, the issue is out today.
{photo courtesy of Alexandria Browning from Vox}
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  1. Good for you guys! Yeah for waiting! :)