Shopping for sewing projects

My favorite part of learning to sew?? I get to shop more! I seriously love shopping. It puts me in a better mood {usually.} Have you ever seen Confessions of a Shopaholic? Although not the best movie ever, I can identify with her desire to get that super cute scarf. That being said...our bank account doesn't have that same desire.

Having the skill to take in an XL skirt, trim up a shirt that's a bit too big or bring up a hem line opens up the shopping possibilities ten fold! Here's a super quick project that would be great for people just learning to sew. I'm talkin' 10 minutes.

I found a skirt in this really fun print in the clearance section of Old Navy -- it was just $13, but was too big. {I'll be honest that even the sale prices at the mall seemed expensive to me b/c I've been used to Goodwill prices, lol}
Put the skirt on and estimate how much needs to be taken in, mark with a pin. Break out the sewing machine, turn the skirt inside out, then sew a straight stitch along both sides of the skirt(securing the beginning and end with a backstitch) then trim the excess.
I know this sounds like a no-brainer -- that's the purpose! Starting with really simple, little projects like this can boost your confidence with sewing and open the doors to more complex projects. My next post will be a skirt I made from 'scratch' -- super simple and another baby step to take for your sewing skills!

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  1. Cute! I would totally buy that!

  2. I do that to! If I see a skirt I love and its not my size at the goodwill, I buy it and bring that bad boy home and take it up! But Im having problems making a skirt from scratch. I cant seem to get it right, maybe you can tell us how you do it? I cant wait to see your next post! I did sit down last night and make a sun top. You would think a skirt would be easier than a top! I just love all the pretty dresses you are making! You go girl!

  3. Gave you an award at my blog!