This post is just so I don't forget about this awesome PB table. Wouldn't it be perfect for a craft room??


  1. oh dear, dear, dear. Pottery Barn and its darn catalogs get me every time. I've only made one substantial purchase from them, but I'd love to duplicate so much.

  2. I love that craft table and have been thinking of building it myself. Have you heard of Knock Off Wood? She posts patterns to a lot of Pottery Barn furniture. She usually uses dimensional lumber you can buy at the hardware store and hand power tools you probably already own. I know some people are intimidated by woodworking. You seem pretty fearless when it comes to the sewing machine and building new clothes so maybe it is something you would try! Here is the link (if I can link it properly): Knock-off Wood

    Anyhow, I was just scrolling through your blog looking at all your refashioned clothing. You do such a wonderful job! You have inspired me to try some refashioning myself. Thanks!