Chameleon wreath

Remember the super cool white wreath I made before Christmas?? If not, check out the post here. The great thing about choosing to make it in white is that it's versatile for season/holiday changes! Leading up to Valentines Day I had a cute red and pink polka dot ribbon....and now that I'm desperately ready for spring I added these cute butterflies!
This is a really quick project {and a rather satisfying one also!}. All you have to do is google a picture of a butterfly outline, then print it out in various sizes. My biggest ones are about 4 in. and the smallest ones are about 1in. There are 3-4 of each size.
After I cut the butterflies out of cardstock, I gently folded them in half to give more dimension, then pinned them to the wreath with straight pins.
If only Spring could take a hint and get here quicker!!!


  1. So beautiful!! And I totally agree - Spring needs to hurry.

  2. That is really pretty. I love the wreath and the fact that you can dress it up for different seasons is fantastic.

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  3. That is beautiful. I love making wreaths! thanks for another idea.