yo-yo necklace

I decided to make a necklace that was loosely inspired by this anthro beauty:
I picked up various fabrics/buttons from JoAnns that were on sale and wanted to use the yo-yo technique to make the flowers. It's super easy! Just cut a circle approx 2X the desired width of the yo-yo and stitch around the edges.
The closer the stitches, the wider the center opening will be. Gently pull the threat through (needle still attached) and it will start to curl up like this:
Once closed, put a couple of stitches through the layers to secure.
I repeated this step with coordinating fabrics, then sewed them onto a ribbon to make this necklace...only took about 30 minutes total! You could add whatever buttons/beads you want for the center of the yo-yos!
The yo-yos were really fun to make....I think I'll use the same technique to embellish a t-shirt soon.


  1. Bring it on! That necklace rocks! SO cute! Thanks for linking it up to somedaycrafts.blogspot.com for Whatever Goes Wednesday!!!