Calling the Hogs

Sean got official word yesterday of his acceptance into grad school at U of A! We were were confident he would be accepted and have been planning accordingly, but it's great to be all official and stuff. I know Sean's going to enjoy learning more about athletic training and he's pretty excited to be a student again.
Turns out no place in Columbia, MO carries U of A gear {understandably}, so here's the best I could do to celebrate the occasion:
I tried to convey a little sarcasm in icing....Go Hogs?
Now...I can only hope Sean doesn't turn into one of these:
{sorry if you read this blog and know this man...I'm sure he's a very nice guy}
Some things we're thinking of to maintain our MU roots: Making at least one FB and BB game in Columbia a year, flying a Mizzou flag in front of our house, having MU watch parties in our F-ville residence, and joining a local MU alumni group. MIZ...

Also -- I'm super excited to be hosting a Valentines craft session on Saturday...I'll post some of the cute crafty-ness after the event!

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  1. Hi Nicole-you probably do not remember me, but we have met at Bronwyn's house at one time or another. I found your blog on hers and I love reading it. You truly impress me with your amazing handiwork and crafts. I love your creativity and how you can make anything from just about anything. Thanks for sharing your heart and your talents.