Prep in my step

Mod Podge might be my favorite crafting tool...well, besides my sewing machine. You can seriously do so much with it! Here's my most recent mod podge project -- shoes! I'll be totally honest that there were multiple times during this project that I didn't think it was going to work, but in the end I was super excited about the finished product. I used the tutorial found here at Make It and Love It, and will note some of the things I did a little different.
I picked up these flats at Wal-Mart for $5. I did originally try this project on a pair I already owned, but they were a velvet-ish material and the mod podge just soaked in. {So, use a leather-like shoe for this project}

I used a decor weight canvas fabric, thinking it will hold up better on a shoe. It was easy to work with, also.

The mod podge does make the shoes a little more stiff, so I won't be wearing these shoes when I plan to do a lot of walking.

To make the flowers on top I just ruffled some fabric in 1.5 in strips using my sewing machine, then wrapped it into circles, sewed the flower to keep shape and hot glued it on.
I think they're a perfect preppy addition to my wardrobe!
The real life Blossom is on What Not to Wear right now...g2g!
Nicole :)


  1. CUTE!! I love flats...good idea.

  2. Oh my goodness. I love them. I don't think I would of thought about doing that. They turned out so great.

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