Pretty Planner tutorial

I have a small love affair with my planner. It helps in so many ways - organization, streamlining, reducing anxiety, reminding me of assignments, etc. It's not super cute, though...so to fill my crafting void I made a cover for it based on this one I found online. Here's a quick how-to to guide you through my steps {and mistakes}.
First, find pretty fabric you like, one for the outside and one for the lining. I also added an extra layer of fabric to add body {in retrospect, interfacing would have helped}. I picked up this fabric at JoAnns {a fat quarter}. The amount you will need will depend on your planner size - I only needed about 10"x15", so this would be a great way to use up fabric scraps! Cut around the planner -- don't forget seam allowance.

Leave enough fabric to fold over to create an envelope for the planner to slide into.
Ha, I didn't take too many in-between pictures, but next I quilted the strip of fabric onto the outside fabric and flannel interfacing. If desired, add a pocket to the liner fabric {for coupons, pad of paper, pen, etc.}. Pin right sides together. *Now would be a good time to pin the placeholding ribbon and elastic closure {ponytail will do!} in place, so you just have to sew once around. I backstitched some over the elastic to ensure strength. Leave two inches or so open, turn right side out, press and topstitch close. Next, topstitch the envelope section on top and bottom.
A view of the inside pocket:
Sew on a button and you're done!
Next time I'll show you my Mod Podge recovered flats!
Happy Saturday,
Nicole :)

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