Snow day crafts!

I'm a bit snowed in today, as Columbia got about 5 in. last night and I'm not very confident driving in snow. However...I planned for the lock-in by purchasing craft supplies to keep me busy. Here's some of the sewing/crafting I've done so far today:

I purchased a plain t-shirt from Target ($3.50 on clearance) and some ribbon at Michaels (buy 1 get 1 free) to add the ruffled neckline to the shirt. I'm imagining this shirt either with jeans and flats or dressing it up with a new black skirt I just got. (also on clearance....surprise, surprise)
I'm going through a ruffle craft phase right now and will post pictures of my other ruffle projects when they're finished.
I'm pretty darn excited about our new leather chair (that was FREE to us, btw) because we were always one sitting spot short in our living room. I sewed the pillow for about $10 and it only took five minutes of my time. This chair might cramp our little apartment living room, but since we're expecting a new home soon, we couldn't pass up the deal!
I had this cute scrapbook paper I used for our new mail sorter and my cheap-o self couldn't waste the extra of the $0.29 piece of paper, so I covered a picture frame -- and since I love everything associated with monogramming, I added a cute H (scrapbook chipboard letter).
When making the pillow pictured above, I couldn't decide between two different fabrics, so I purchased both (remnants were 70% off at JoAnns). I did think of a great way to use it, though -- making a basket cover that will hold our ever-growing collection of magazines! The basket was 50% off at Michaels, too!


  1. hey Nicole! I saw your site on FB and decided to let you know I'll be stalking you. :) You are so very crafty! You clothes are quite impressive! If only I could do such things...I call myself good when I complete a scrapbook page. :) --ashley

  2. I've seen your blog thru Sarah Toliver Pallozzi's. Always impressed by your craftiness, especially today when I cannot even figure out how to use my new sewing machine! Love the picture frame!

  3. Dear Sean and Nicole,
    These crafts have really been an insperation to me. I live in Wisconsin so as you can imagine, we have a lot of snow days. These crafts have really helped me get through these last few days being snowed in. Without them I dont know what I would have done. These projects really, really helped me pass much time stuck in a cramped home. So in conclusion you have really helped me through my time in need of something to do with my snowy time.

    Many Thanks,

    P.S. (post script)

    Now I have many, many very, very beautiful things decorating my once drab but now beautiful living center,(also known as home or house).

    Many Thanks again,