Back in the swing of things

I was abruptly swept back into the graduate school frame of mind today -- and honestly, I'm not super excited right now. This feeling is way out of my comfort zone, as I've always been a good student and excited to learn...I suppose the upcoming job search and move have my mind elsewhere. I'm going to suck it up for the next 16 weeks and take joy in knowing I'm exactly where God wants me to be.
Sean and I took a trip to Fayetteville this past weekend to check out our next city of residence. Here's a couple pics from the trip (I haven't been good about taking pics recently). We had a great time hanging with Sean's mom, visiting with my brother and sister-in-law and exploring Fayetteville. It's pretty surreal to move to a college town in which you have no ties to the University -- rest assured that Sean and I will unabashedly flaunt our Mizzou gear!
We spotted this car on the U of A campus...I don't know the owner of this car but am imagining a very smart individual.
Sean's mom has started her PhD at U of A...this picture was taken as Sean was playing with the equipment in her lab at school.

We felt a sense of relief when pulling back into Columbia -- it's safe, familiar and full of our friends. Columbia is our home and it's going to be more difficult than I originally thought to leave. We've promised ourselves to be as immersed in Columbia/Mizzou culture as possible over the next four months-- spending time with our dear friends frequently, eating Shakespeare's Pizza a lot and staying active in MU activities.

Here's some of my upcoming craft projects, check back for pics/tutorials:
Mod Podge shoes {you just wait, they're going to be awesome!}
2010 Planner Cover {complete with pen and notepad pocket}
Washers and ribbon necklace
Pretty headbands {flowers, ribbon bows, ruffles...you, know...the usual}
Handmade Valentine cards
Some sort of re-fashion with existing clothes -- maybe take an old sweater and revamp it a bit.

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