I'll just save you some time...

I made a couple of small changes to the blog that turned out to take for-ev-er! In case any of my ambitious readers would also like to make similar changes, I've posted my sources here:

To add a little image next to blog posts (mine is the little birdie): click here
To change 'posted by' at the end of a post to something else: click here
To use cute fonts for post and sidebar titles: try this one if you've got time and patience
To make the automatic Blogger navigation bar clear: click here
*note, you can also delete this nav bar, but I use it to quickly login, so I left it on.
To insert a favicon (little icon next the blog title on browser tabs): click here
*another note, I can't get this to work in internet explorer. It does work in firefox for me.
To join an OCD support group (as I probably should), see your physician. :)

I'm planning to add a menu bar just underneath the header to have links like 'crafts' and 'our home'...but don't have the time for it today. I'll post that source when I get it finished.

Turns out that random html computer programming course I took (and hated) in undergrad is coming in a bit useful!

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  1. Thanks! This is helpful. Please do post whatever else you learn. I'm not the best at this kind of thing!

    Rachel T