While I realize I'm a little premature, I'm already looking towards the moving process we will be facing in about four short months. Our small apartment has collected an astounding amout of "stuff"...much of which doesn't have a place of its own. Two things that seem to collect around here are: papers/invoices and coats. Enter Hobby Lobby.

To my dearest Hobby Lobby,

You have so many characteristics I admire, not the least of which is the pleasant Christian tunes exuding from your overhead speakers. You faithfully supply a weekly coupon to your store and somehow stay in business even though most of your merchandise is 50% off during any given week. You sell super cute home decor and have all that a crafter could desire. Thanks for affording me the opportunity to fill my home with your reasonbly-priced inventory. Finally, I'm thankful for your many store locations, so wherever our family ends up you will be near.


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  1. The Hobby Lobby in Fayetteville is pretty good, but the one in Springdale is better and depending where you live, not any farther away!