Valentines at our house

The annual valentines package mom sends us:
Yummy heart-shaped cinnamon rolls:
"heart attack": I wrote reasons why I love Sean on a lot of hearts and put them all over the apartment.
Just one example of the many:
We blew up one of these in our living room and caught up on all the TV we've been missing lately...so fun!
Sean gave me a new Coach bag that looks similar to this one:
I gave him a couple of things to help him fit in when he starts school in the south -- some croakies and a new polo like this southern boy pictured below:
Sean is so good at knowing and speaking my love languages! I'm so blessed to be loved by so many and hope that I'm able to love others well!

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  1. I love reading your blog. I have three little guys at home and we always decorate the kitchen for then they wake up on their birthday morning. Next valentines day, I am gonna remember the hearts all over the house. What a great way to validate why my kids and husband are loved.