Dad's dress shirt into cute top

During a recent visit home I spotted a bag full of clothes that my dad was going to take to Goodwill. I of course claimed it as my own search for potential projects. I really liked the pale yellow polo I have on below. {Sorry for the bad quality, not sure what's up with that}
I cut off the long sleeves and cut them in strips to add ruffles down the front and brought in the side to fit a little closer.
The pics have a sneak peak of the next project I'm going to share with you!
Inside pics are def not my favorite, but it started pouring rain as soon as I was ready to take pics. {It did rain the entire month of August here, so we need it badly!}
I actually left the length of the shirt as the original, so it would be pretty cute paired with a new pair of khaki matchstick pants I just bought on major sale at Banana Republic, paired with cute flats!
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