If I had a million dollars

$700 would actually suffice. I've been eyeing some potential new additions to my fall wardrobe and in celebration of the first day of fall, here's what I need. Ok...maybe not need but definitely want.

Super duper awesome leather boots from Ann Taylor Loft $198 (likely not gonna happen)
Wool military jacket from JCrew. $228 (who do you think you are, JCrew?) Faux fur vest. I'm going to get some resistance from Sean on this one for sure. They have these at Old Navy for about $30.
Doesn't this sweater just want to make you cuddle up?? So great, but $128.
The name of this coat is spiced vanilla from ModCloth -- perfect name, right? $134.99
Totally impractical and don't have anywhere to wear it to, but I just love this dress from ModCloth! $64.99
Let's be honest. If I have any additions to my fall wardrobe they will likely come from either H&M or a local thrift shop. I'm okay with that. I found an awesome resale shop here in Fayetteville that carries some nice stuff (Express, 7 for all mankind, Citizen, gap, etc) -- I'm pumped to take some of my old clothes there and see what they will give me for them.

Happy Fall! (p.s. It's still 90 degrees here so it doesn't quite feel like fall yet)
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  1. I am DYING for a fur vest, but my husband is going to refuse to be seen in public with me. I'm ok with that. Lucky for me, I like solo outings.

  2. I had to leave you a comment! That struck me funny when you put (likely not gonna happen), because thats the same thing I say when I see something I want thats outa my budget. You always look so nice no matter what you wear, you are just adorable! If it wasnt for the goodwill and the thrift stores I'd be naked! lol

  3. I'm working on a faux fur caplet! It's super easy to make, I just have to choose my material.
    Also, those boots? KILLA!
    Try forever21.com
    I found some cute boots there and they are far cheaper.