Easy goodwill refashion

My sewing machine and I have missed eachother recently! Lack of time and inspiration are to blame. I needed some quick projects to help get me back in the game. I found this dress at the thrift store the other day for $4. Pardon the terrible before picture -- the camera battery died after this shot and I was too impatient to wait for the recharged batter before sewing. You get the idea, though -- frumpy dress that hit mid-calf {not flattering on me!}

I just cut off some length, sewed a ruffle around the neckline, hemmed the bottom and added a waist tie. I can wear it w/o a jacket when it warms up {warm weather can't come soon enough!}
The back...
Close up of the neckline. Clearly wasn't wearing the right bra. Sorry about that.
Super fast and easy -- just what I needed!



  1. Nicole your dress turned out really cute.I am glad you and your sewing machine got to spend some times together. I love it when you sew! I wanted to know if you have ever made some fabric scarfs like the summer ones now that J.Crew and American Eagle are selling? They don't look to hard to try to make but I am not really sure if I know which direction to start in. lol

  2. Love the pins, the dress, and the bra comment! :)

  3. We need to schedule a date for you to take me shopping and make me some super cute things! I love everything you do! See you Wednesday!