Pins you can see

When I'm sewing, I always manage to lose one or two pins. They are really hard to find in our carpet! Since I have a puppy at my feet at almost all times, the dropping of pins issue has escalated. Enter Sculpey - clay you bake in the oven. {I got these on sale at JoAnn for .97 each) I just formed it into little shapes, formed it around the end of a straight pin, then baked them at 275 for 20 minutes.
These shouldn't be hard to find in the carpet...or my dogs mouth. win/win.



  1. Great idea! Not only will you stop having problems finding your pins, but they're also cute!

    P.S. – Just kicked off my Spring Shape Up Challenge and there is a giveaway for a $10 iTunes card! Come on over and enter the contest!

  2. Awesome idea! A few years ago my oldest son stepped on a stray sewing needle. He stepped down on it so hard that it hit the bone and broke off. I felt awful! After a quick trip to the ER, all was well with the world again, but can you imagine the pain?!